Question 16: A, a fitness enthusiast, goes for a run everyday for 4 hours at a circular park. 8s – 80 = 3f – 30 Rate of A with respect to B = (Change in Quantity A) / (Change in Quantity B). After selling one-fourth of this mixture, he adds water to replenish the quantity that he has sold. Thus the total electricity consumed to finish the process = $4x^2+4x^2+9x^2+16x^2 = 33x^2$, Time consumed in the second setup = $(2x)^2 + (3x)^2 = 4x^2 + 9x^2 = 13x^2 $, Thus, difference in consumption of electricity = $ 33x^2 – 13x^2 = 20x^2 $. For maximum profit, differentiating this should give 0.dp/dt = 0, dp/dt = -x/5 + 2020 – x/5 = 0. x= 100. Often, you can just draw a diagram or even assume a value to get to the answer fairly quickly. So R reaches B in 1hr and S reaches B in 30 minutes. z = 50 (u+10)/(f+10) = 3/4 Learn multiplication and division techniques. Therefore, option B is the right answer. Number of Questions: 100 Find the ratio of money already saved to the amount the industrialist could’ve saved if he had chosen a single machine which took 60% of the time taken by the second setup. To help you practise for CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT and other MBA entrance exams. You’ll also need to know how to find weighted averages. So we obtain: (15 × 78 + 18 × 81)/(15 + 18) = 2628/33 = 79.6. $\frac{1200}{u-v} -\frac{1200}{u+v}=30$, => $\frac{1200}{30-v} -\frac{1200}{30+v}=30$. Find the ratio of a : b. Therefore, a rate is like a ratio, or fraction. First, for production, we can say that the total production for factory A is 2x and for factory B is 5x. Arrangements (Seating & Data) and questions based on Graphs form the core of cracking DILR. So, it could either increase by 1 or decrease by 1. Question 10 (1) question can be answered from statement A alone but not by using the statement B alone. So K starts 8-4 = 4hrs later than A. Q3. (CAT 2005) For a particular job, they work together for some number of days, after which Charles gets sick and cannot work, leaving Alan and Bobby to complete the project. So, the sum of the two equals$(-4)^{23}+(4)^{23}=0$, We know that x = $16^3 + 17^3 + 18^3 + 19^3 = (16^3 + 19^3) + (17^3 + 18^3)$, = $(16 + 19)(16^2 – 16 * 19 + 19^2) + (17 + 18)(17^2 – 17 * 18 + 18^2)$ = 35 × odd + 35 × odd = 35 × even = 35 × (2k). Arithmetic Progression Questions for CAT: Progressions and series is of the important topic in CAT quantitative aptitude section. SVU is one of the top colleges accepting AP ICET 2020 and the top-ranking candidates are preferred for admission. Question 22: AMW motors released a new car S8. (2) 920 We can now find the other solutions, (by adding 11 to x and subtracting 19 from y or by subtracting 11 from x and adding 19 to y), These are the only two positive integral solutions. Question 13: A tank has 8 filling pipes and 8 draining pipes. Lovely Professional University (LPU), Phagwara. The difference in time taken while travelling upstream and downstream is 30 seconds. If Barun and Kiranmala overtake Arun at the same instant, how many hours after Arun did Kiranmala start? Start giving mocks so that you will work under the time limit. $\Rightarrow$ $\dfrac{2x+0.3b}{2x+b}\times 100 = 70$. The other 10-15 questions would be from the Verbal Ability part. In the second case, the ratio of distribution is 4 : 1: 3 S starts from A at 9:45am and reaches B at 10:15 am. Every topic in CAT is important and you should always try to cover the complete CAT syllabus. It cannot be the 3rd,4th or 5th person, as 162 is not a multiple of 4. Welcome to the CAT Maths Exercises section. Total investment = 31*81 =2511. Given below is a list of topics that are included in Modern Math section of CAT syllabus: We are the leading online course provider for various MBA Entrance Exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, etc. So, profit is maximum when 100 units are produced daily. Also, it is sometimes difficult to categorize a question in one sub-topic versus the other, so I have taken some poetic license while doing that. a. Karan and Arjun reach the finishing line simultaneously. Rahim plans to drive from city A to station C, at the speed of 70 km per hour, to catch a train arriving there from B. 6hrs 12 minutes. There were three assignments in Writing Class, a 5-page paper worth 20% of the total course grade, a 10-page paper worth 30% of the course grade, and a final 20-page paper worth 50% of the course grade. 3z – x = 50 Question 21: All employees have to pass through three consecutive entrance doors to enter into the office and one security guard is deployed at each door. So, time for onward journey is 7 – x (8 AM to 3PM)Time for return journey is 4 + x (4pm to 8pm)Velocity for onward is v – 50, and for return is v + 50. Next, the median is the “middle” number. So, total time is 12hrs. Check the AP ICET Marks vs Rank Analysis for more information. (8x – 8y) * 30 = (3x – 5y) * 10 At what time do Ram and Shyam first meet each other? R runs at 5kmph and S runs at 10kmph. 99 %ile704960162 We also call this the average value. Do SVU provide placements?if yes, what should be the cutoff rank? The test average for the boys was 78, while girls’ average was 81. Mr. David noticed that doubling the daily production from 20 to 40 units increases the daily production cost by 66.66%. or, 19x = 21y 1/6 Jharkhand, Faculty of Management Studies Delhi, How much money Ms. Rani had before entering the office on the annual day? Arun, Barun and Kiranmala start from the same place and travel in the same direction at speeds of 30, 40 and 60 km per hour respectively. Hence, option E is the correct answer. (Bachelor of Business Administration), M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), P.G.D.M. The car takes 4 hours less to reach city B than the time taken by the bike to reach city A. B. The topics are very broad so students are required to be well prepared to solve the questions from the topics and also the questions which are related to it. If it is known that the prices of the fruits are positive integers, how many different combinations of prices is possible? Let us assume that she offered ‘n’ different type of flowers during the month. The rate equals 1 job / x days. (4) 25 years a. After the entire operation, the concentration of acid in beakers A and B are 30% and 70% respectively. A milkman mixes 20 litres of water with 80 litres of milk. 80 and Indulekha paid Rs. $P = a + b\sqrt{m}$, where a and b are constants and ‘m’ is the number of units consumed. Even if it was a part of the syllabus, they focused on fancy topics lie Permutation and Combination or Probability. So A takes 8hrs and B takes 6 hrs, and they travel 30*8 = 240kms. (CAT 2004) Now, we need to know at what time S overtakes R. We know R starts back from B at 10 and reaches A at 11. t = (x-60)/150  ———(1) Here are some of the arithmetic topics that you may run across on the CAT: The study of statistics has to do with data and how it is distributed. 8-10. (CAT 2007) Cities A and B are in different time zones. The probability that the processor will increase the value is 70% and the probability that the processor will decrease the value is 30%.