The freshness of the land supports flowering, but they adapt quite well to dry soils in summer. These plants are hardy if the soil does not remain waterlogged in winter. While most varieties are planted point in flowering pots, most of them multiply in our borders and can be cultivated very easily in fertile, loose soil, kept cool throughout the summer. The flower has six curved stamens and one pistil. The symbolism of the purple alstroemeria flower is related to uniqueness and elegance, so if you think that someone of your friends is unique and beautiful, then this flower could be a nice present for that person. Alstroemeria requires regular watering to maintain flowering. We hope that now you can understand better the symbolism of this plant. It is also used to indicate worth beyond beauty. * Add flowering plant fertilizer, especially on potted plants, to encourage flowering. * Place the plants 40 to 50 cm apart. (And When To Send Them), How To Give The Best Flowers For The Virgo Star Sign, How To Make Your Orchids Rebloom With Ease, How to choose the best plants and flowers to decorate your home, Why Plant Gifts Are an Excellent (and Rarely Thought of) Option, Why You Should Consider Next Day Flower Delivery, How to Make Sure Your Tulips Return Every Spring, Best Ways of Saying “Thank You” to Your Friends and Family, How to Make Beautiful DIY Dried Flower Candles, How to Impress with Immaculate First Date Flowers. Avoid places that are too dry and sunny, subject to the wind effect. If you are also a lover of flowers, then you will certainly enjoy in this text. Also, we have to say that the white alstroemeria flower is a symbol of spiritual life and purity. Now when you know what the alstroemeria flower usually symbolizes, we will tell you in which occasions it would be good to use this flower. The alstroemeria, commonly known as the Inca lily or Peruvian lily, belongs to the family alstroemeriaceae (formerly liliaceae or amaryllidaceae) and includes about fifty species all originating from South America and mainly from the Andean countries. Of course, we have to mention the most important message that the alstroemeria flower is giving to us. This will also limit the growth of weeds. As the plant disappears entirely in the autumn, it is best to mark its location. It helps us choose the right kind of a flower for someone we love. Meaning and Symbolism of Alstroemeria. * The genus alstroemeria honors the Swedish botanist and naturalist Clauss Alströmer who sent seeds of psittacea to Linnaeus from Spain. Alstroemeria Flower – Meaning, Symbolism and Colors. It is believed that these flowers will bring us good luck and positive energy. It is possible that our dear person is feeling bad, so the best way to show our concern is to buy yellow, blue or white alstroemeria flowers for that person. The compact shapes highlight the edges of a flower bed, a path, or shine a semi-shaded slope covered with epimedium. But, there are also other interpretations of a yellow color in these flowers. The alstroemeria flower can also symbolize survival. We are sure that you will find useful and interesting information in this text, so you will be able to understand better the symbolism of the alstroemeria flower. * Spread a layer of mulch to keep the roots fresh. Now you may be wondering where the alstroemeria flower comes from. * Moisten the root ball to facilitate recovery. There is no ceremony that could be celebrated without flowers. If you love flowers, then you have probably heard of symbolic meanings that flowers may have. There are a lot of meanings related to flowers, so it is believed that the flowers have their special language. Trim them if necessary, replace the soil, pack lightly, and water regularly. It is believed that if you have these flowers in your home, it will attract new friends in your life. Alstroemeria is a slightly zygomorphic (bilaterally symmetrical) flower with 3 sepals and 3, generally, striped petals. This tropical beauty has long stems bearing attractive, trumpet-shaped flowers in a wide range of colors. Overall, alstroemeria can be a great gift for your family and friends, and because the beautiful blossom has several meanings, it’s an appropriate present for various occasions. Now it is the time to see something about alstroemeria colors. So, when should you give this vibrant blossom? It is also the flower of friendship. Alstroemeria is the genus of flowering plants under the Alstroemeriaceae family. It can also symbolize positive energy, so if you want to make someone happy, you can choose this flower as a gift. * Make sure that the bulbs from the rhizome are placed vertically. If the climate is a little harsh, you can bring the pot in during the winter. Also, it helps us learn more about the history of a certain flower. * When and How to Plant Alstroemeria Collection currently not available: Anemone on a darker note indicates fading hope and a feeling of having been forsaken. In cold regions, you can protect the stump by a thick mulch of leaves, dry peat, or fern fronds in the fall. If you have your best friend, this flower is certainly the most important symbol of your friendship. Alstroemeria has several symbolic meanings, which include the following: As mentioned, alstroemeria comes in different hues, and each color has its own meaning. Lastly, alstroemeria doesn’t have a scent. Alstroemeria flower meaning. It will help you choose the right flower for a certain occasion. You should water at least once a week during the warm season to maintain impeccable and abundant flowering. The orange alstroemeria flower is usually a symbol of the goals and aspirations that you have in your life. Cut flowers are available all year round and have won the hearts of florists, who now have a wide range of colors available: white, red, pink, orange, yellow and mauve. – History and Meaning, What Is Chai Symbol – History and Meaning, Manipura – Third Chakra and What It Means. Flowers & Their Meanings Here’s a list of the flowers and their meanings. Weed carefully by hand. This message is asssociated with our dreams and goals. Alstroemeria has six stamens and an undivided style. Actually, this flower is poisonous, so its healing properties are not important in this case. It is not good to make teas of this flower or to eat it. When it comes to the symbolism of flowers, it is very important to take into account the color of a certain flower, so we will tell you something about alstroemeria flower’s colors as well. Of course, a red or pink alstroemeria flower can be a symbol of romantic feelings as well. It symbolizes the pleasure of being together, in friendship, as well as in love. We will tell you something about the alstroemeria flower. As Symbol Sage editors, we write about things that we love and we think you'll like too. The plant is very resistant to pests and diseases. The bilaterally symmetrical flowers have six petals (three petals and three similar sepals), but with differences in color. He was collecting seeds in Spain when he discovered this beautiful flower. You have to achieve your own goals, not only in material, but also in a spiritual sense. If you choose to have the alstroemeria flowers which are red or pink, then they will be a symbol of affection and love that you have towards your friend. Its name was given by Klaus Alstromer, a Swedish baron who discovered the plant in Chile. It is actually a strong connection between people that could last forever. If we have a real friend, then we are happy persons and we should cherish our friendship.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'myflowermeaning_com-leader-3','ezslot_13',120,'0','0'])); Another message that the alstroemeria flower is giving to us is to be open to make new contacts and to have a developed social life. All rights reserved, The alstroemeria, or lily of the Incas, has enjoyed considerable success and a steadily growing reputation in recent years in gardens and pots to the point of being one of the best-selling summer, Everything You Should Know About Red, White, and, Send Funeral Flower Arrangements to Express Your Sympathy, Best Ways of Saying "Thank You" to Your Friends and Family, What Do Yellow Flowers Stand For? * The alstroemeria flower is the flower of happiness. A yellow alstroemeria flower can symbolize joy and happiness, so you can use it to decorate your home. The lilies of the Incas appreciate a location that enjoys the morning sun or half-shade under the bright shade of a foliage tree. Alstroemerias can be great gifts because they radiate a beauty that can uplift a person’s mood; however, the flower is not for all occasions because of its meanings. The alstroemeria flower was discovered in 18. century by a botanist and baron from Sweden, whose name was Baron Claus von Alstromer. Alstroemeria has several symbolic meanings, which include the following: Friendship – The alstroemeria flower is a symbol of friendship.