ALPO Prime Cuts with Beef in Gravy. 2000–2020 The Animal Rescue Site Blog and GreaterGood. Alpo touts its dog food as being the “motherload of meatiness,” and, sure, some varieties of Alpo may indeed be “made with real beef” — but the ingredients list on the packaging reveals a more complete picture. First 5 ingredients: Water sufficient for processing, Poultry, … I look at the expiration dates carefully now, especially discovering 2 expired bags of food ($150). Nutrition issued a voluntary extended recall on multiple lots of their canned dog food. Purina Cat Food- March 2019. I stocked up three months of dog food in March because it takes 1 hour to get dog food. Update: Multiple Dog Food Brands Recalled for … Thank goodness, I was still at the parking lot, and returned the two bags immediately, and gave the store a hard time about selling expired dog food. For example, there is far more water, meat byproducts and poultry than there is beef in a can of Alpo Prime Classics With Beef or in a pack of Alpo Gravy Cravers With Beef. Jan 15, 2019. I was so upset with the store, and its poor practice. Hill's Pet Nutrition Dog Food Recall Extended- March 2019.