This is a once in a lifetime drawing hunt that takes place on the East side of the Copper River on private land inside the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve. 13 May 2021. a 30% deposit of the full price of the trip booked is due upon confirmation of your purchased fishing or hunting package.We accept, personal checks as well as Visa or MasterCard & American Express. Highlight of my hunt was taking this 9' 8” bear after passing on several other smaller bears. This is easy to understand, as guided Alaska hunts are some of the most expensive around. While on a hunt that is run from our lodge here in port Lions, hunting guests are accommodated in our Coho-Nook Inn. Dates between: June 15th -July 5th. Shop carefully. Anthony (Tony) Lee Master Guide #105 Phone: 907-373-2047 This is a tough but rewarding hunt. 20 Deer Hunting Lies Your Granddaddy Told You, our stories, videos and hard-hitting how-to's on big game hunting, 12 Reasons Why Your Venison Tastes Like Hell, North American Super Slam: 29 Big Game Animals You Need, 15 Steps to Forge Your Own Deer Skinning Knife, Help a Brother Out: Story of a Mega Ohio 9-Pointer. These options increase expenses but also provide cheap insurance against bum experiences. This facility offers scenic views of the surrounding mountains and the waters of Settlers Cove are just a short stroll from our front door. You can be assured we'll do everything we can to make your Alaska hunting trip a great experience! Worthington. Also wolves can be taken at no extra costs ( no tag required in our area) Add a Caribou on a trophy fee. While onboard the boat or in one of the outcamps, your guide will prepare one of his or her favorite camp meals that will almost certainly leave you with a full belly and wondering thoughts of one Katy’s delicious meals back at the lodge. Talking to someone who’s been there also helps you pack more efficiently. 6 Day/5 Night, fully guided, King Salmon fishing trip – $3,000 per person. We also offer spot and stock 10 day packages. Based on the volume of return and referral clients we book, and feedback we receive, we know that we are providing unsurpassed service at a fair price. Complimentary round-trip transportation from Kodiak to Port Lions. It’s 6½ times the size of Colorado. Full Day: $200 to $299 Per Person; $500 to $599 Per Person Alaska Fishing with Mark Glassmaker has been providing high quality Alaska fishing experiences on the Kenai Peninsula for over 25 years. Expect experienced, professional, and courteous guides that enjoy what they do. All Top Gun Treks Alaska guided hunts are fair chase hunts conducted in … 2021 Spring Brown Bear hunt $20,000 per person. Contact Cordova Air for more info. Prince of Wales Island hunted via network of highways, ferry system and logging roads. Look to Trinity, Amook, Zarembo and Sitkinak islands — and others surrounding these.Cordova: In general, Hinchinbrook and Montague islands are hunted hard and trophy quality is poor, though backpacking high and far from access can net bigger bucks.Prince of Wales Island: Consistently produces top-end bucks, though hunting complicated by thick vegetation. 7-day Alaska Fishing/Hunting Trip includes all the above $2,350, Trips Start Saturday Morning and End Friday Morning. We also have a Cessna 185 with large tundra tires that we use for hauling cargo and meat. After learning to fly in 1972 and later purchasing a Super Cub, he paid his dues as assistant guide for several years. We are all looking forward to showing you a piece of this magnificent Island. Not included transportation to Egegik from Anchorage (RT $1,000) tags or license The Alaskan brown bear is the largest land predator on Earth. $8,900. Cordova: Some behemoth bulls, but non-residents are limited to a single unit and limited number of landing sites. No biting insects! While on a boat-based hunt, our guests are accommodated onboard the Amy Lorese. 6 Day/5 Night, fully guided, King  Salmon fishing trip – $3,000 per person.Dates between: June 15th -July 5th, 6 Day/5 Night, fully guided, Silver Salmon fishing trip – $3,000 per person.Dates between: July 25th – Aug 20th. Yet, after 10 Alaska forays of my own, I’m here to say that with plenty of advanced planning and a meager savings-account grab-stake, an Alaska hunt is well within grasp.