I had been smelling a weird musty smell that I associate with roaches for a month or two but had not seen any. Advion Roach Bait Arena is safe to use when applied according to label directions. Customers like the product and most of them have given it the highest rating. Site created by. Please allow the bait a few weeks to actually kill the roaches. Get all the latest information on Solutions products,deals, and events. Finally found something that works! Instead of focusing on a single product, alternate between several effective ones. I did not want to spray insecticides because of my children. You can use it for bait rotation, alternating with Advion baits. Apply small dots of gel directly into hiding places of roaches, such as cracks and crevices. 5 stars : 45: 4 stars : 7: 3 stars : 6: 2 stars : 2: 1 star : 7: Average Customer Rating (67 customer reviews) Write a Review. 13 of 15 people found this review helpful. roaches gone. In Stock. CON: So much suffering. 11 of 15 people found this review helpful. -- BUT DONT GET THE GEL! A few months later, these critters showed up again, but he reapplied the bait and they were all gone. Check your order status or visit our DIY Center for expert advice, cargo-truck Finally I saw the reviews redarding Avion and figured I would go all in with the 60 bait stations and added the gel for more damage. I am here to tell you folks this stuff really works. There's a problem loading this menu right now. how big is it? Thank you!!!!! Based on indoxacarb, the Advion bait arena completely eradicates cockroach colonies, providing a long-lasting effect. Makes me think these are old bait stations not worth the $40 I blew on them! It does not repel roaches and remains attractive to them for 2 weeks. I put these things all over my kitchen and the very next day I started seeing lethargic roaches just hanging out on my kitchen floor in broad daylight. Unlike other roach killers, the Advion Cockroach Gel Bait is safe to use in … 19 of 19 people found this review helpful. The Gentrol employs a different mode of action and is an insect growth regulator. One station will last about 3 months before it dries out. 1 box of 4 tubes gets about 240 applications. With the usage of our services you permit us to use cookies. Within a few days they were gone. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Now I see one or two mini's during a whole encounter or use of the kitchen. Moreover, this active ingredient is unique and is not present in any other roach bait. For kitchen counters, use bottle caps to hold the bait. Advion Roach Bait Arena should be used when you have a sizable cockroach infestation in the home and want to control it without having to spray a bunch of pesticides. Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas protect bait from contaminants and keep bait fresh for up to three months. Once applied, it remains attractive to roaches for at least 2 weeks. Advion Roach Bait Arena can be applied on single and multifamily residential buildings, schools, commercial and industrial facilities (including warehouses, apartments, supermarkets, restaurants, motels, hotels, hospitals, food handling/storage establishments), and transportation equipment such as aircraft, trains, ships, boats, buses. Again, we cannot say for the rest of the building or the nest...but our apartments are no longer roach infested. Great stuff. I highly recommend them to anyone and they are worth the money. The Evolution gel bait has over 600 customer ratings, most of which are positive. Today, she can count the number of live cockroaches, something that she deems a real success. For those struggling with persistent roach infestations, there is a super potent poison based on emamectin benzoate. So far the results have been poor. I live in apt complex that has a reputation for roaches so i thought one more round would work. Well i dont know if they were expired or what but it didnt work, roaches didnt even touch the bait. However, they have peculiarities. This is the ideal combination. We had a HORRIBLE bug problem, after trying the gel (made and sold by the same company) without it working (they didnt eve touch it, and it ended up growing mold! The scent will also be much stronger and attract more roaches. In contrast to the InVict, this product doesn’t kill roaches immediately after it is consumed. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. After about a week or two, I didn't see dead or live roaches. And finally, the bait is guaranteed to attract roaches because it contains food-grade lures that are not found in other common baits. They work instantly, I see results over night. Apply 3 to 4 small beads in every location you are seeing adults, eggs or droppings from the cockroach, should last for 30 days, but reapply every week as needed. And one application will kill three generations of the roaches. I advise it for you if you are having problems with that, especially if you live in an apartment building”. This non-repellent insecticide contains the active ingredient indoxacarb which when ingested by roaches, results in paralysis and eventually death. It does work for all kinds of cockroaches. It killed and continued to kill within a matter of a couple of weeks. I shared both orders with my boyfriend who also lives in an apartment complex and he said the same thing. In the kitchen, treat cabinets and drawers, in particular sites in between cabinets and countertops, and where the furniture meets the wall. Within an hour we had thousands of dead bugs, and the ones that were still alive were walking super slow and acted as if they were drunk lol. And we feared moving and unwittingly taking some with us. Inspect ADVION Cockroach Bait Arenas periodically and replace depleted bait arenas as needed based on severity of the initial cockroach infestation and a continuing control program. Works fast and last long. You can buy it here, and they come in small tubes of the gel or small bait stations with the gel in it.. Advion Cockroach Gel Bait Review – The Best Roach Killer in the market Advion Cockroach Gel Bait is a well-known roach killing product available in the market. Some time ago, he purchased the Advion on the recommendation of an exterminator and placed 30 arenas throughout the house. But this stuff really works. 30 of 31 people found this review helpful, Hard to believe but I purchased another product with such high hopes of eliminating my roach problem only to have no luck at all! Thank you. Arenas are ready to use out of the bag, making them a great option when convenience is key and where bait needs to be protected from contaminants such as dust. $40.28 Free Shipping Info / Buy Now. The active ingredient disrupts their central nervous system, causing them to die within 24 hours or even quicker. Syngenta – 61596 Evolution Cockroach Gel Bait Made with the same active ingredient, Advion Evolution features enhanced food lures making the bait even more attractive to roaches. 2 weeks later i called and the tenant said dead roaches every morning and none running around...this is Great. Lots of buyers claim that the product really works and works great. Indoxacarb inhibits the flow of sodium ions into nerve cells, resulting in impaired nerve function, inability to feed, paralysis, and eventually death. The bait features a slow-acting formula allowing cockroaches enough time to transfer the poison throughout their colonies. Eight cockroaches just on that one spot. We continue to promote this product within our communities. The product has received over 1,200 customer ratings and 78% of the buyers have given it a 5-star rating. Your email address will not be published. Small first floor kitchen in end unit town house. Adhesive backs are included so that the stations can be mounted on surfaces such as the corners and sidewalls of cabinets. Such as under the stove, frig. For vertical applications (walls, baseboards, the sides of appliances, etc.) Using a combination of bait arenas and bait gel increases bait acceptance. So, he put some under the stove, refrigerator, etc. 36 of 36 people found this review helpful. It has been three months now since he has not seen them in his apartment. However, these critters can come back in a year or so, and for several reasons.